Philosophical Background – JP005

We lay out our background and foundational positions we occupy as we cultivate the soil. Some of this episode is prepared and some of it is divined. Be sure to check out our instagram post. In it we tell a story of a rose that we forgot to tell out loud :]

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The #Yorùbá definition of agriculture is èkó nìpa ìroko, “the art of cultivating the soil.” In this episode we lay out our philosophical backgrounds and the positions we occupy as we practice our art. 1. Our rat turd #thaipeppers at the seedling stage in the south facing sun. 2. Rat turds germinating. They so kaaaaaayoooot ? 3.Our formerly(!!!) lodged corn. We actually fixed it but we mentioned it in the podcast. We will certainly discuss this in later episodes. 4. The sheeeeeeen on this #phalaenopsis. #RIP We miss you Reece!! 5. This rose blossoms in such stupendous rapidity once we removed it from the space in between the bricks it was stuck in. You can see the damage the masonry left on its petals. 6. That same rose the next day, brilliantly blossoming. As always, #nofilter. Jìgìjìgì is streaming on all podcast platforms! Be sure to click the #linkinbio?

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