Chamomile Growing out of Compost

Bioremediation – Helping Nature Do It’s Thing

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The beginning of a series of episodes on Bioremediation. We give a short overview of how we can use life to clean life. We end with a story of a graduate thesis I abandoned because it wasn’t going to get me a doctorate.

Michael Carter Jr.

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Carter Farms is a century farm in the Piedmont region of Virginia that specializes in growing ethnic, African tropical vegetables organically.

10 fingers and some Swamp Lettuce

10 Things I Don’t Know

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I thought it would be a good idea, to mark it a place in time, to be able to say, here are 10 things I don’t know about plants, farming, and the soil (and the soul). Join me in learning what I don’t know, won’t you?


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We take umbrage with the promoted hippie-nature of interacting with nature. We offer some molecular biology of course to make our point. Enjoy.

Odù to Sow Seeds To

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We go into the woods and read from the Odù Ifá. Just some short Ifá Ẹsẹ that you can sow seeds to.