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Where have you been??!

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Let’s welcome ourselves back to the soil, having deployed these techniques we’ve come to understand. What did we learn?

Dr. Isaac Zama – Amba Farmer’s Voice pt 2

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In this second part of our interview with Dr. Zama we move through the different possibilities for food, pidgin, and what function libations connect us to the soil. This particular segment is powerful and it is my honor to share it with you all.

Smelling Funk to Power

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You mean to tell me this whole time I’ve been making funky compost, it could crank a crankshaft?? Meaning, in this episode we discuss how we arrived at our next experiment, Anaerobic Digestion

Charles Southward of IGH Gardens

Charles Southward

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Charles is the founder of IGH Gardens in Los Angeles, California. At IGH he produces 3900lbs annually on 1200sqft. Amazing.

“God made the Soil, but we made it Fertile”

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It is my sincerest pleasure and honor to share with you some excerpts from three articles that have been what I started this podcast to find. We add two new terms to our conceptual soil vocabulary, ߕߕߎߔߏߟߋ (tutupole), and ߔߐߙߑߟߟߋ (porleilei).

Mushrooms as ߛߊ߲ߞߐߝߊ (Sankɔfa)

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We relay the entire history of the soil, and highlight the role of fungi and of the mushroom plays. Later we shift to the role you play as you create this healthy black soil.