Jìgìjìgì kò s̩éé fà tu

“A firmly rooted plant cannot be uprooted.”
Yorùbá òwe (proverb)

Jìgìjìgì is an Afrikan-Centered Podcast that seeks to encourage other Afrikans to learn more about growing plants, food, soil, and their soul. We want to get our hands and minds dirty detailing the Afrikan relationship with the soil. We continually ask and answer the question, “How did you grow while you grew tomatoes, peppers, kale, and melons?”

Building healthy soil builds a healthy soul and we share stories on how to do both.

Expect episodes to contain wisdom, tips, and actionable advice from Afrikan Agriculturalists for how to improve yields, crop performance, and marketability thereby “blackening” your green-thumb.

A prominent DMV proverb is “There is no culture without Agriculture.” We find that to be very true here at Jìgìjìgì.

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Episodes and Articles

Jìgìjìgì EP014 – Mosadi

Mosadi – JP014 In this episode we interview Mosadi, founder of Rooted and Sustained, LLC. We originally met at the Black Urban Growers Panel in DC in 2018. He was the first…

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Jìgìjìgì EP 006 – Compost

A small step into the history of composts, why you should, why you shouldn’t, how it could work, and how it couldn’t. This episode is the real beginning of our philosophical journey…

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